H O M E          A B O U T          G U I T A R S          O P T I O N S           C O N T A C T

Robert Pointer is a teacher, musician, artist, photographer and guitar maker.  His life-long passion for music and interest in woodworking have led to the crossroads of luthiery.

Primarily educated in luthiery through the numerous publications and online communities & resources on guitar making he has also sought advice and insights from several noted luthiers while visiting them in their shops.  His initial guitars explored construction techniques, body styles and fretboard scale lengths.

His instruments incorporate traditional methods and contemporary luthiery insights. Top bracing is tapered and scalloped with traditional  X, double X, or symmetrical pattern. Back bracing is a contemporary X pattern. Guitars are available in standard fretboard scales of 25.5" and 25.4" or fingerstyle scale length 25.7"

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